"23 Standard Questions With The Semi-Famous"

Q: Where were you born and where do you live now?

A: Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I still reside. Yes, I am gay. Don't tell my wife.

Q:What does your Mom refer to you by?

A: Usually "shitass" or "ungrateful fuck."

Q:I've got this belief that most odd ball creative individuals fall under the influence of a "crazy uncle." In other words, a close family member who can corrupt you without actually having to live with the madness he creates. Who was the crazy uncle in your life?

A: My Uncle Bill. Always would get wasted at parties and insult everyone. Only the ones that deserved it. There were allot of deserving victims. Loved that guy.

Q:Who's the man?

A: I'm the man, motherfucker! Always have been, always will be. Hail Me!!!

Q:The perfect woman--what is she fixing you for dinner right now?

A: She's my wife and she's fixing me a very rare steak in our George Foreman Grill. That Grill is fuckin' great! Two minutes or less and I've got a perfect steak. Nice and bloody.

Q:What two people have been the biggest influence on what you do?

A: Aleister Crowley and the Marquis DeSade. They way they lived, the way they thought, the books they wrote; masters of the decadent and the perverse. From a very early age those guys helped to twist my mind in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Q:At what moment did you feel the most like a success in what you are doing?

A: Usually at every moment. There are always peaks and valleys, though. The "Thank Heaven" era and the "Young and Good Looking" era with the Dwarves were particularly good times. Right now with Neither/Neither World and Chthonic Force, I feel really great. Also, at this stage in my writing career I feel that I am starting to come into my own. Hell, just sitting by the pool getting repulsively drunk can make me feel pretty successful.

Q:What makes some one a "sell out" ?

A: When you're doing something you don't like or don't believe in. Not necessarily making money at it; except, that could help you forget not liking it.

Q:Ideally, if you could just chill and not have a job, or bills, or any of that shit, where would you settle down, and why?

A: Fuck, I'm doing that right now! The only place other then the Bay Area I'd like to settle would be New Orleans; for all the obvious reasons.

Q:If the world was ending tomorrow, who would you kick it with, tonight?

A: My good buddy, Jim Beam.

Q:What three songs would they play at your funeral?

A: "The Ballad of Vadge Moore," "My Way," and "Comin' Up Your Ass," by Whitehouse.

Q:What book is your bible? And you can't pick the Bible.

A: I would never pick the fucking Bible. Some good violence in there, though. I'd have to say "Juliette" by DeSade.

Q:Who, in your opinion, is the most evil person alive on the planet?

A: I've always thought that Ed McMahon was a minion of the Devil. It's those beady eyes, and the way he offers millions of dollars to people whose lives all that money will probably ruin.

Q:What scares you more then anything else?

A: Having my dick cut off. That would ruin everything.

Q:What's your favorite t-shirt, and how often do you wear it?

A: I've got a whole drawer of plain, black t-shirts with one breast pocket. That's where the cocaine goes.

Q:What would you get tattooed across your fingers, if you were getting a LOVE/HATE type tattoo?

A: It would have to be VADGE MOORE. I would have to use the thumbs, though.

Q:If you could be a character from a movie for a day, who would it be and why?

A: I am a character from a movie. I wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Q:What's your favorite beer, and what beer have you drunk the most of in your life?

A: Definitelt Budweiser. Ya' can't go wrong with Bud.

Q:What is the worst thing that ever happened to you while you were drugged up or drunk?

A: Oh, man...I've fucked some really nast skanks when I was drunk. Really nasty. It's amazing my dick hasn't fallen off yet.

Q:What's your guity pleasure?

A: I've never been guilty about any of my pleasures. I must admit, though, I do watch way too many of those stupid entertainment, Hollywood gossip shows: ET, Access Hollywood, E! Channel. I used to watch a lot of 90210, but I certainly did not feel guilty.

Q:What do you think of the Confederate Mack website or zine?

A: Never seen the 'zine, but the site seems cool.

Q:Fuck all these stupid assed questions What should I be asking you, and what's the answer?

A: Why should the entire universe worship me? Because I am your Master!

Q:Wrap up everything you believe in one sentence.

A: Do what you please, and kill anyone that stands in your way.

© Vadge Moore / DISCRIMINATE MEDIA, 2008