"Thee Unholy Interview with Vadge Moore"
(Anglefire Dwarves Fansite, 2001)

Abhoth: So what are your current projects?

Vadge: That's a tricky question 'cause one of my current projects is writing a book about one of my heroes-- Aleister Crowley. I began researching that man when I was about 12 or 13 years old and I have never stopped. As for musical projects, I've been playing with the Satanic-Goth band Neither/Neither World almost as long as I was in the Dwarves. About 12 years. I also played in a great Cramps meets Dwarves band called Phoenix Thunderstone for the last 4 years. Recently I formed a noise band called Chthonic Force. I've been interested in noise music my whole life. I loved Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Later I became very enamored of bands like NoN(Boyd Rice) and Whitehouse. I had to form a band from within that genre. So I did! The thing with me is that whenever I get an idea in my head I have to see it through to fruition. That's why I'm so fucking busy all the time. Chthonic Force has released a split single with Neither/Neither World called Mouth Pigs featuring Whitehouse member Peter Sotos on vocals. Then came the full length, self-titled cd and next month the second full-length called "Agathodaimon" will be released. All Chthonic Force recordings are on Zos Kia Sounds Records and distributed by England's World Serpent Distribution. Go to any search engine and type in the record companies name or Chthonic Force and you should be able to order any of my recordings. I also write for the Web magazine Dagoberts Revenge, with Boyd Rice. That can be reached by dagobertsrevenge.com. I'm also working on a Satanic/Noise Rock band with Wendy VanDusen of Neither/Neither World that should be out on Reptilian Records soon. Also--Me, Dusen, and Wholley Smokes ,from the Dwarves,have a project called BillieWonka. Keep an eye out for that.

Abhoth: You have any idols?

Vadge:Oh, I have plenty of idols. There have been many Devils before me and there will be many after. I gotta give my props. Musically nobody kicked ass and lived the life like the Stooges. I always thought that the Dwarves were the modern day Stooges. Bad attitude, major intoxication, lots of sex, and definitely not an aversion to violence. After that I've got to go with Anton LaVey. He wrote the book, he influenced a generation or two and you can't go to a rock concert without seeing the Horned Hand. But, above everyone: Aleister Crowley. He was a productive degenerate that did more stuff in his 72 years then most people could do in 12 lifetimes. He wrote, fucked, took drugs, formed numerous Occult Orders, changed the face of alternative culture in a way that can not be replicated. To me he is the Godfather of Evil. After that I have to mention Kenneth Grant. Grant was a disciple of Crowley the last few years of Crowley's life. Kenneth Grant has written about a dozen books on Crowley and the Occult that have influenced me immeasurably. Also, on a personal note; Thomas Thorn of the Electric Hellfire Club has always been a good friend and a deep influence. Thomas and Hellfire guitar player Rictor have, through personal contact, been an immense influence on me.

Abhoth: Any song titles you can mention?

vadge:When you ask for song titles I assume you mean titles from my new project-Chthonic Force. Here you go: Pleasure Kill, Stele of the Vultures, Primate God, In and Out of Sin,Nihil, Assume the Position, Demon Rum, Chthonia, Catastrophism, Demon Est Deus Inversus, Mouth Pigs. Hewhocannotbenamed from the Dwarves makes an appearance on the new Chthonic Force cd, Agathodaimon. On the record his name is Maxwell Box. Get it? Brilliant.

Abhoth: What do you play now?

Vadge:I play drums with Phoenix Thunderstone, Neither/Neither World, BillieWonka, and the other band with Dusen. Chthonic Forces new album has me drumming on a couple of tracks but mostly with CF I conduct the music and sing/scream.

Abhoth: Any new rock bands you like at all?

Vadge:I like to watch Britney Spears, but that's only for chub. I always like what Dave Grohl is doing with the Foo Fighters. Marilyn Manson(of course). Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osborne. The Strokes remind me of the Stooges. Queens of the Stone Age with Rex Everything(Nick Oliveri) and Josh "Rusty" Homme are always great. I don't listen to alot of music 'cause I'm so busy. When I'm in the car I got to have Danzig blasting!! That last Live album with Chuck Bisquits on drums is amazing! Oh, yeah; I still love G.G. Allins last album-- "Blood Shed and Brutality for All!" I miss that guy.

Abhoth: I'm going to ask you some Dwarves Questions...that cool with you?

Vadge:Fire away, punk!

Abhoth: What's the best live experience you had with them?

Vadge:Oh, fuck.... That's a hard one. There have been so many completely insane moments on stage. I think it would have to be the night we beat the fuck out of the entire front row at the Cocounut Teasear in Hollywood. Courtney Love and Hole opened for us. They had way over-packed the club. There was still a line down the block and they kept selling tickets!! People were pushed right up against the stage with nowhere to go. That's dangerous for anyone at a Dwarves show!! At one point only me and Hewho were still playing and the rest of the band was just beating up (with their instruments) the whole front row. That was fun!

Abhoth: favorite Recording?

Vadge:My favorite 7' or demo is definately: "Underworld/Down By the River" sometimes with "Lies". We had recorded that e.p. the same time we did the "Thank Heaven..." lp/cd. Down By the River is still my favorite Dwarves song. Blag wrote the lyrics after being influenced by the movie with Keenu Reeves and Crispin Glover: Rivers Edge. A great Movie!

Abhoth: Any reason you left the Dwarves?

Vadge:I left the Dwarves 'cause it was just time. Been in the band for 12 years. Did everything I could possibly do in it. Wanted to dedicate more time to writing and recording other stuff. As much as it may seem that the Dwarves are a very undisciplined unit; exactly the opposite is true. Blag demands a certain amount of concentration and dedication, and I just could not supply either. I had to go off on my own. It's worked out incredibly well for me and it's worked out great for them. The new record on Reptillian kicks ass!! They are still great live!

Abhoth: What Pre-Dwarves groups did you play in?

Vadge:I was in a band when I was 12 called The Rat Boyz, then Crypt, with my friends Ron Findley, Adam Simms, and Mike Supinski. Later I was in Sonic Brain Jam with SF Rock/Country Star Tony Gil. Just before the Dwarves, me and Hewho formed a band called The Gaping Wounds. You can hear some of this band, with Blag on vocals, on an old Dwarves release called Zap Gun.

Abhoth: You political at all or just don't care?

Vadge:Political? Ha! I'm all about sensual. I don't give a fuck about politics. I don't vote and I don't care. I'm such an egoist how could I possibly give somebody else the license to tell me what to do? I'm all for Fascism as long as I'm the Dictator! I don't want to meld with the rest of the world. I live for me. That's it!

Abhoth: Favorite all-time song,man.

Vadge:Wow. There's a hard one. Favorite song.... I would have to say-- "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones. Those opening chords and the fact that the song ended up representing the end of the Summer of Love through Altamont; true Evil.

Abhoth: How's your life going?

Vadge:I live really well. I drink, do drugs, travel around the world, read, study, write. I do whatever I want to do at any given time. My life is perfect.

Abhoth: Are you married or is that none of my business?

Vadge:Believe it or not I am now married!! Her name is Jenna and she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. We were married by the Infamous Mr. Boyd Rice. She knew what she was getting into when she married me. She had been a Dwarves fan since she was a kid. Her Mother used to drive her to our shows. We met at the South by South West show in Austin, Texas--'98. We've been together ever since.

You got a life philosophy?

Vadge:My life philosophy? This could take days..... Well, let me try to sum it up. Live it all! Don't shirk on your life. Experience it all. As far as you know you've only got one life. Then: Rip it up!! Follow your instincts, become an animal, do whatever your senses demand of you. Kill, fuck, drink, destroy!!!!! Have no fear. That's life. Let some true or fictional God suck it!! Do what is important to you! There's the secret of life.

Abhoth:Got any last words?

Vadge:I can only go by the words of the Master: Do What Thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law!

© Vadge Moore / DISCRIMINATE MEDIA, 2007