"Blood, Guts, Etc: The ballad of VADGE MOORE"
(Sleazegrinder, 2005)

Vadge Moore needs no introduction, really, but since that’s my job, here goes. Vadge Moore is either the most rock n’ roll Satanist ever, or the most Satanic rock n’ roller. Both fit. Many know him as the former drummer of the Dwarves, the infamous San Fran sleaze punk institution, but many others – serious outsider types – know ‘em as student of the dark arts, or as a member of various ‘challenging’ audio-barrage outfits. I know ‘em as the dude who wrote the foreward to my book, Gigs from Hell. And you? You will know him better than his own mama after this interview.

People know you mostly from your tenure with the Dwarves, but you have a rich history of apocalyptic rock n' roll bands behind you. Perhaps a rundown of who and when would be in order?

Well, I was only in one "apocalyptic folk" band per se,  and that was Neither/Neither World with Wendy Van Dusen. At first we were heavily influenced by Death in June, Sol Invictus and the like. Wendy and I formed that band in '90 or '91, just a couple of years after I had joined the Dwarves. Quite a change from the Dwarves, but I really enjoyed that apocalyptic, fiddling while Rome burns attitude. Nihilism has always been great fuel to my fire. Not the sad, whining "Oh poor me..." kind of crap but the- "lets fuck while the building collapses around us" thing. Which actually happened to me once in reality, not just metaphorically.

Then there was Phoenix Thunderstone, also with Wendy. More like the Cramps meets the Dwarves. A lot of fun, that band. The lead singer Sean Heskett was completely insane; literally. I was with them, officially, for a couple of years in the late nineties to 2001.  Then there's Chthonic Force, again with Van Dusen. Noise band. Very much like Non or Whitehouse. CF gave me a chance to be a singer (or sceamer, really).  Me and Wendy have a long history of being in bands that cultivate obscurity.  Chthonic Force will probably make some more records when I feel like it.

What was the worst band you were ever in, and what incident or episode brought on the revelation?

 Oh, easily this band I did one gig with in San Francisco. It was just a one-off gig for the hell of it. Terrible. It was like a jam-band  or something. Fucking awful. Can't even remember the name now. Don't get the wrong impression, though. I was just as bad as anyone else in the band, if not worse. No amount of whiskey and beer could've made that gig good. I realized it right in the middle of the set and started laughing. "More beer!" was my answer.

What has been your most memorable onstage moment with the Dwarves involving blood, guts or pussy?

Fuck, people are always asking me this. There are just so many crazy, memorable moments. There's the time I looked towards the front row at a sold out Houston, Texas show and saw Blag's dick in some girls mouth, while we were playing. There's the fat girl in, again, Houston (different gig) who got thrown off the stage, had all of her clothes ripped off and was finger-fucked by various audience members. Then there's the notorious gig in L.A. (sold out) which culminated in the entire band pummeling the whole front row with our fists, guitars and sundry equipment and chairs. There's the thousands of time that I had full bottles of beer whizz past my head, narrowly missing my skull. After awhile I figured that I must have a demon watching out for my welfare. Otherwise it's just plain dumb luck.

Ever run into any bands scarier than the Dwarves?

Dwarves aren't exactly big, bulky, pro wrestlers or anything. We, at least when I was with them, were skinny little fucks fueled by testosterone, booze and an obsession to get laid. It was mostly a psychological dominance. That said, I can think of two bands that were pretty scary: G.G. Allin, of course, for all the obvious reasons, and Anti-Seen. Anti-Seen could have easily kicked our asses in a fight. Other then that Flipper were a little scary to tour with but mostly because of Ted Falconi. That guy can put a person on guard. Nobody else really stands out. Oh, wait; Dickless from Seattle. Their lead singer Kelly Canary could drop a bull at a hundred paces with just one scream.

Please explain your interest in nihilism/Satanism, and whether it interferes in stuff like falling in love, petting animals, and picnics.

Nihilism, to me, is just recognizing that there is no moral world order. It's all in your head.  Nature does not recognize morality. Nature recognizes survival- period. Human civilizations utilize morality for survival but it's only a tool. That said; people need morality. If you recognize that morality is a tool and that it does not exist objectively then you have complete freedom to organize your life according to your desires, guilt free. Most people need to believe that morality is an objective, solid phenomenon so they will subscribe to a religion or a political party or what have you and that's all well and good. I prefer to go a step further because it makes my life a hell of a lot more interesting. At the end of the day that's the ultimate objective, for me. Pleasure and knowledge: those are my goals. If I get pleasure by falling in love or petting my cat- great. I prefer drinking in bars to going on picnics, though.

Ok. How about Anton Lavey - phony? Real deal? What?

As to the assertion that Anton LaVey was a "phony"; I never understand why people say this in the first place. I think it comes from a lazy lack of knowledge. You can go to any big-chain bookstore, pick up a copy of the Satanic Bible for under ten bucks and see for yourself what message LaVey was conveying. He didn't insist that he was Satan or spoke with Satan. LaVey utilized the archetype of Satan as a proud rebel to convey a philosophy of pleasure and strength. Satanism is a rational, atheistic creed very much along the lines of the principles I spoke of before. Now, if you're referring to the accusations leveled against him that he invented incidents and situations in his life- such as working in a carnival, gun running with Zionist guerrillas, or screwing Marilyn Monroe, I think there is enough evidence such as pictures and documents that can refute his accusers. But even if some of those incidents were invented or exaggerated, so what? It doesn't negate his philosophy. LaVey was a prime example of the ultimate Superman that organized his life according to his deepest desires. A model citizen in my estimation. I find it amusing how uncomfortable people become when LaVey's name is mentioned. You can see their shackles go up. I'd be proud to get that kind of rise out of people.

Say "Vadge Moore" was taken already in the Rock Star Pseudonym book. What other names have you already gone under, or would, in a pinch?

Well, before I had decided on Vadge Moore I was originally gonna be called Vaginal Maelstrom, Vadge Maelstrom for short. But Vadge Moore packed more punch, so to speak. On the  Dwarves Come Clean record I was Vadge Amoral. On some Chthonic Force and Neither/Neither World records I used a very obscure pseudonym: Tim Madison, which contains a meaning and reference that nobody will be able to figure out. On one Dwarves record my name was mis-printed as Vag Moore. I guess that could work since Vag, from vagus, is a cranial nerve and I certainly have plenty of nerve and frequently give people headaches; but the spelling was unintentional.

How did you eventually escape from the Dwarves, and are you safe, or is their always the possibility that they'll find you and drag you back?

 Oh, there is always a chance that they could drag me back, but I'm not so sure they'd want to. I'm a real pain in the ass and I'm pretty certain that Blag would rather stick a fork in his eye then have me return to the fold. But, you never know. Besides, Wreck Tom is doing a phenomenal job on drums and, frankly, I enjoy listening to him play more then I enjoy playing. The time would have to be right for everyone involved and I'd have to wanna, and I don't wanna right now. I'm quite content with my present life.   How I "escaped" was that I just got tired of touring, recording, and rehearsing and told Blag that I wanted out. No big deal.

The bands that I subsequently played with did not have a schedule even close to as taxing as the Dwarves.

Talk a little about the stuff you've been writing for the Satanist mags. Like, what's some of the topics you've tackled? And what's the research like? Also, what kind of TV shows do Satanists like?

 I should make one thing perfectly clear; I don't refer to myself as a Satanist and I never have. Other people have, but not me. By calling myself a Satanist I become pigeon-holed and cookie-cuttered, and I don't want that. Just the fact that you've asked me "What kind of T.V. shows do Satanists like?," proves my point. I don't want to be lumped together with others and I never have. That said- I revere Anton LaVey and his philosophy and will sing his praises 'til the cows come home. The man has had a tremendous influence on me from the time I was a teenager 'til today. I have many friends that are high-ranking members in the Church of Satan and members of good standing. They are the cream of the crop. People like Thomas Thorn, Chris X and Boyd Rice (though Boyd is not directly involved now). Those guys are exceptional CoS members and they will always stand out from the herd. Anton LaVey had stated many times that frequently the most "Satanic" people are the ones who refuse membership or are not interested in joining. I'm the latter. I don't like being a member of an organization. But, that's just me. My favorite T.V shows are pretty typical: Seinfeld, Simpsons, Family Guy. Some times I watch Fear Factor 'cause I love Joe Rogan's avowed sadism. Oh, yeah; one of my all-time favorite shows was Newsradio with Dave Foley, Andy Dick and Phil Hartman. That's some funny, well crafted comedy.

The topics I've been tackling in my writings are varied. In a magazine that Boyd Rice had been the editor and writer for I wrote of the connections between Aleister Crowley's Occult Order- the O.T.O.- and the bloodline of the Holy Grail. On the webzine Synthesis, at www.rosenoire.org, I've explored the topics of poets Lautreamont and Rimbaud's Lycanthropic and Demonic expression. A separate article called Chthonic:From Beast to Godhead explores the mythos of the serpent throughout history. Those essays can be found in the Articles section of Synthesis. Soon there will be a new article posted called Crowley, Sumeria and the Fallen Angels. The latter is an excerpt from an upcoming book that I'm currently writing.

That's right, you're writing a book now. What's the process? Do you write everyday? What do you do when you're supposed to be writing, but you're not? Lay the book-pitch on the people.

Yeah, I have a title but I'll keep it to myself in case it changes. It's about the zeitgeist of our modern age, an age that began with Friedrich Neitzsche announcing the "death of God", Aleister Crowley "receiving" the Book of the Law and Anton LaVey launching the Church of Satan. This is all put in Jungian terms and represents a philosophy that I call Chthonic Gnosticism. It's still a work in progress. I get up every morning, have breakfast, do a little extra research and late morning I start to write. For me, being a child of the dinosaur era when we still used pen and paper, I have to put stuff down in a spiral notebook in a very rough draft form and transform it to the computer later. It sucks 'cause it takes a lot more time but it's the only way I can process all of this information. I try to write everyday but sometimes after a particularly fun night I may be a little too hung over. When not writing I like to explore the bars and restaurants of this fine town, listen to music, watch movies. It's a pretty leisurely existence, one I've earned after all the years of insanity.

What do you think about porn? You musta seen some sick shit on the Dwarves bus, right?

I love porn. And today, as opposed to when I was a kid, you can get it for free in the privacy of your own bedroom. When I was a little delinquent I had to steal my porn from the local liquor store.

Kids today have easy access, as long as their parents haven't cock-blocked them, so to speak. But even then it tests the ingenuity of today's teenager; how to hack around the block or discover the password. Ya gotta love America. We are the new Rome.

I didn't just see some sick shit on the Dwarves bus, I participated in and actively sought out sick shit for my own pleasure. The things I've done could turn the stomach of DeSade. Well, maybe not Sade but he would have approved of my actions. It was either great timing or one lead into the other but- just as the Dwarves were taking off I had begun devouring every book by the Marquis DeSade I could find. I had, and still do, all of the larger additions of his work and then I went looking for the pocket paper backs so I could bring them on the road for inspiration. While we were on late night drives I would read passages aloud to the rest of the band. It helped to create a juicy atmosphere. I've related my experiences in other interviews and I may publish them in book form some day so I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say; there was always one or all of the following involved: Blood, violence, urine, feces. Keep in mind, this was always between consenting adults but it was not the phony, stilted, game-playing you might see at some Bondage A Go-Go farce. This was real, primordial perversion.

Ever, um, 'hang out' with any notable skin stars?

I've gone out with strippers. They're always a lot of fun, like to drink and are usually in great physical shape. That's a plus. I went out with a prostitute once. That was interesting. She was no street walker. She had regular clients that came to her house. Highly intelligent girl. She could have been an attorney or a bank manager but chose a different profession. I don't think I've ever been with a porn star, although some of those strippers may have been involved in some nefarious film roles. Anyway, I'm happily married now so these are just reminiscent indulgences.

Now that you are settled into Southern Gentleman territory (Vadge recently moved to Georgia), have you indulged in any of the local customs? I don't know what they are, but like, hunting, maybe? Fishing? Beating up longhairs?

 Residing in Dixie I'm just enjoyng the great weather, great food and (as usual) copious amounts of alcohol. I live near the old estate of Occult writer William Seabrook so that's a plus. Aleister Crowley had spent some time at Seabrook's farm and they indulged a lot in the local moon-shine. Something I intend on doing eventually.

Oh, and finally, an  important one: Joan Jett or Lita Ford?

 Damn! That's a hard one, so to speak. Could I have both? Jett's a lesbian now so that could be a tough sell. I have a thing for leggy blonds so I think I would have to lean toward Lita. Could I invent a time machine, go back to 1975 or 76 and fuck all of the Runaways simultaneously? I'd do that.

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